What we have done in recent years



  • Asset valuation in the publishing sector.

2022 - 2023

  • Technical support to ECC network design (Edge Cloud Computing): technical performance metrics and financial evaluation.


  • Analysis and validation of the entire system for emergency calls management in galleries (GSM signal management).

2020 - 2021

  • Technical assistance to the Legal Department regarding arbitration disputes.
  • Analysis of Agrifood Market in the Regione Lazio and Study of CRM systems for the platform within the Lazio Region project “Tourist Wallet”.
  • Technical opinion on the architecture of the TLC for the smart grid backbone infrastructure.


  • Technical assistance to the Legal Department regarding arbitration disputes.
  • Project Management activities carried out for foreign (Russian) companies in Italy.


  • Analysis of alternative scenarios for the positioning of national broadcasters: Content Delivery on the IP network.
  • Studies and technical opinions in the context of FM interference controversy.


  • Pre-sales management activity which includes technical and economic-administrative support to the sales functions, starting from the design and analysis of the requirements up to the delivery of the products to the final customers.

2014 - 2016

  • Technical assistance to the Legal Department regarding arbitration disputes.
  • Technical consultancy in the telecommunications sector for disputes between operators before the Court of Milan.
  • Technical consultancy in administrative proceedings regarding abuse of a dominant position in telecommunications.
  • Technical consultancy on public procurement (public connectivity system) in the telecommunications and IT services sector.
  • Economic valorisation of the assets and of the Telematic Postman service.
  • Technical assistance for the engineering of offers to end customers, the design of networks and related software developments.

2011 - 2013

  • Enhancement of the reduction in connectivity fees associated with VoIP devices from multi-year service contracts.
  • Research on telework in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the Roman Union of Industrial and Industry Managers, in the field of telecommunication technologies enabling telework and its socio-economic impact on companies, individuals and society; creation of a mathematical model for measuring the impact of teleworking on various parameters such as individual savings, pollution and traffic congestion in the municipality of Rome.
  • Study of the regulatory bodies in Europe on NGNs, analysis of architectures and cost components, economic-financial evaluation of application scenarios.
  • Reengineering of a measurement product for telephone exchanges, design and patenting of a new product.
  • Certification of the technical requirements of technical-infrastructural capacity for admission to the AAMS selection procedure for the awarding in concession of the construction and management of the network for the telematic management of the lawful game using amusement and entertainment devices.
  • Examination of the options for the implementation of the NGN network, including the risks associated with the technical and operational methods of implementing the network and the development of UBB services in a country, and of the communication strategy towards institutions and possible partners and stakeholders.
  • Consulting within the FTTH project.
  • Technical assistance in the context of a dispute in the administrative judgment relating to the award of a public contract for telephony and broadband data services for the Lombardy Region.
  • Technical assistance in the context of a dispute in the administrative judgment related to aspects of coverage and efficiency of use of the radioelectric spectrum, in the broadcasting sector.

2007 - 2010

  • Studies, analyzes, simulations and realizations oriented to explore the systemic and performance aspects related to the DVBT network and to the relative implementation alternatives.
  • Technical consultancy to a public body for the acquisition of georeferencing software product.
  • Analysis of the characteristics of networks operating with TDMA radio channel access technique.
  • Development and drafting of multi-year Strategic Plans for industrial, commercial and service companies located in Italy.
  • Economic enhancement of the TLC company assets for certification which provides for the analysis of the individual assets, the estimate of the market value and the residual market life of the assets and the subsequent comparison with the book values.
  • Socio-economic research within the MOTUS-Industria 2015 project (Mobility and Tourism in Urban Scenarios), Telecom Italia coordinator.