Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a challenge the companies and organizations are facing striving to reinvent their business models and internal structure for better efficiency and competitiveness.

The operational model we adopt to guarantee flexibility and responsiveness is Open Innovation model which is based on three pillars:

  • Partnership: we act as partners delivering innovation through a network of professional competences rather then stand-alone advisors
  • Vertically integrated skills: a team of professionals is set up according to a project
  • Agile and flexibile structure.

The benefits of Open Innovation business model are:

  • R&D costs reduction
  • Risk distribution and sharing
  • Time-to-market: identifying innovations in a more efficient way
  • New markets creation due to more agile innovation delivery

Digital transformation is all about technology. The driving force of digital trasformation is digital culture.

What is the digital culture as defined by WEF?

“Organizations with a strong digital culture use digital tools and data-powered insights to drive decisions and Customer-centricity while innovating and collaborating across the organization. When implemented purposefully, digital culture can drive sustainable action and create value for all stakeholders” (WEF,2021)

The main pillars of digital culture are:

  • Collaborative
  • Data-driven
  • Customer-centric
  • Innovative

Digital culture and next generation business models are the product of current external requirements, including Covid-19, which require a structured and methodological approach with extensive knowledge of technology

We accompany companies and organizations in this process providing a 360 degree consultancy in technology in all stages.